Turn of the Sea

Photo Credit to Katie Cameron @kcam9

Forming in June of 2017, Mellodose, a reggae vibing musician, is about to be releasing their new EP, Turn of the Sea, this Friday!

Marco Mar is the man behind the calming and soulful music. One of the new singles from the EP, Dreamdaze, released last month, with his girlfriend, KT, featuring in some lead vocals.

New single released off the new EP

We all know how much I enjoy listening to new music and different musicians. You know how you listen to music and you start to get goosebumps because the vibes are so surreal? When I came across Mellodose, that is what happened. I was truly impressed with the well written lyrics and the soothing beats. I could feel the music in my soul and that is how you know that it’s good music.

After listening to Dreamdaze, I was truly amazed. The calming beat had calmed my soul and the rhythm had carried me away. The well written lyrics spoke to me and I knew that I needed to share their music with the world.

I had the opportunity to speak with Marco regarding his music, creativity process, and much more.

Tell me a little about yourself.

Hola! My name is Marco. I love music with every ounce of my being. I am grateful to be here and to have the chance to create today.


How would you describe your creative process?

Ideally, I like to go for a long run or bike ride and then sit down to create. Cardio fuels creativity.


What can we expect from the new EP, that releases August 28th?

5 tracks; 2 new singles. Songs about the God within us, star-crossed lovers who found their way back together, living forever, and the beach.


Who are all the band members and what is their role in the band?

Myself and my lady, KT. I write and record most of the music. She takes all of the photos used in the artwork and will join me (when I’m lucky enough to convince her) on vocals from time-to-time. This EP actually features her first lead vocal performance on the tune “Dreamdaze,” which is out now. Earlier this year, I showed her the song to get her feedback, and then one day she surprised me with a verse she had written! I was so stoked and was like, “We have to do this one together!”


When did you start learning how to play music?

Age 5


What was the first song you wrote called?

Spending Time


How are you spending your spare time during quarantine?

Exercising, cooking (well KT is; she’s a GREAT cook), gardening, writing, recording, calling friends/family, and reading.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

Marco: I can’t pick just one. I’m truly fortunate to have so many positive influences in my life. My grandfather is an accomplished author and the most positive person I know. My father truly lives in the moment and pushes me to always be better. My mother is the epitome of selflessness. Yeah, I’m grateful. Too many to name.

KT: My dad is definitely a huge inspiration of mine. He encourages me to be my best self and to always cultivate curiosity. Marco is a huge inspiration for me as well. He shows me aspects of myself that I didn’t know were there. He’s constantly allowing me to explore my creativity, and he gives me the confidence to do so.

Marco & KT

Name one band or musician who you would love to open for?

G. Love & Special Sauce and Trevor Hall


What is your overall goal or dream being a musician?

The dream is here and now. It’s today. My goal is to remain true and to make someone’s life a little brighter.


Any advice for a musician wanting to start or join a band?

Start today


What’s next for Mellodose?

Our 2nd EP Turn of the Sea is out everywhere on Fri. August 28th. You can pre-save & pre-order it here: https://stem.ffm.to/turnofthesea P.S. If you pre-order it, send me a screenshot via DM and I will email you an unreleased track! Bonus points (and an extra unreleased song) if you share the pre-save link with a friend via text and send me a screenshot of that as well. Much love for the support.


Mellodose is truly lyrically driven and I am really looking forward to Turn of the Sea. If you pre-save or pre-order it, send Mellodose a screenshot to receive an unreleased track as a bonus!


Check out Mellodose on Facebook for new updates, new single releases, and more!