But Anyways

Dub-321 is at it again! Last July, they released their LP, Braving Babylon. As of midnight, they will be dropping their new album, I Don’t Care Too Much For Reggae.

This album is a perfect mix of lively, nostalgic, and one-of-a-kind tracks.

Last year I spoke with lead singer, Miles Galli, about his 5 year plan for Dub-321. Mentioning he would love to release a few more successful albums. Fast forward, not even year later, they are right on track with their goals.

I Don’t Care Too Much For Reagge
Dropping at midnight

The album consists of 19 amazing singles that are listed below.

1. Movin’ On

2. Dammit (Acoustic)

3. Carousel

4. Outta Control

5. FLA

6. Your Love , My Life

7. Breed

8. Revolution

9. But Anyway

10. Good Intentions

11. Something in the Way

12. A Song for Helene

13. Stickin’ In My Eye

14. Forsaken Dub

15. Dammit (Punk Vamp Version)

16. Shine Eyed Girl

17. Over Me

18. Linoleum

19. Say Your Goodbyes

After listening to the album several times, I’d have to say that Good Intentions, Movin’ On, and Dammit are my favorites.

Movin’ On is the kick start to the whole album. The single is so catchy, you will find yourself up out of your seat and dancing to the beat.

Their cover of Dammit, originally by Blink-182, was so beautifully nostalgic that it felt like it was meant to be that way all along.

The band is having a Album Release Weekend performing three different live shows! If you are in the area, you should definitely check them out.

Album Release


Miles spends most of his days helping Dub-321 grow whether its on social media, booking shows, or networking with other bands and labels. When he’s not doing that, you can catch him at the beach with his friends, camping, fishing, or hanging out at a bonfire.

Kraft Mac & Cheese is one of his favorite foods.

Dub-321 art made by Tony Shaw

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