Everything Turns Gold

Everything Turns Gold

Originating in Charlotte, North Carolina, Of Good Nature, is a four-man, indie rock-reggae band that just released their new album, Everything Turns Gold, just yesterday.

When forming in 2011, the band only consisted of three band members at the time. As time went by, they began jamming out and playing in local venues, building a following in the process. With their unique sound, uplifting energy, and beautifully driven lyrics, Of Good Nature has created a wide fan base, known as OGN.

The band now consists of four band members:
Cam Brown ~ Guitar & Vocal (Formed band in 2011)
Brandon Hucks ~ Trombone (Joined the band around 2012)
Jon Reed ~ Bass (Joined the band in 2013)
David Hamilton Jr ~ Drums (Joined the band in 2016)

Of Good Nature has joined the Sail Across the Sun Cruise and announced they are joining The Expendables on their Annual Winter Blackout Tour presented by Cali Roots.

Performing at One Love Music Festival, working with Sugarshack Sessions, and many more, Of Good Nature has performed with a number of bands such as, Stick Figure, Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid, Tropidelic, and many more.

Photo by Jake Rothwell

Their new album, Everything Turns Gold, is rising in the alternative charts. With their album just being released yesterday, it has already landed in the Top 40 alternative albums in the US. This is not the first time Of Good Nature has grown in the charts. Their 2015 album, Life Worth Living, landed #5 in the Top Reggae albums and their 2019 album, Timeless, made #1 in the Top Reggae albums.

Everything Turns Gold ~ Rising in the Alternative Charts on Release Date
Everything Turns Gold ~ Released May 22, 2020

It’s no doubt that this is my favorite Of Good Nature album. I had the opportunity to review some of the songs before the official release date and I can truly say, I am blown away with the whole album. The album consists of 11 amazing tracks as followed.

1. Fade

2. New World

3. Everything Turns Gold

4. Keep It on the Road

5. Carolina Blue

6. Lovely Day

7. Feeling

8. Need a Miracle

9. Be Proud

10. You Were Just Here

11. It’s Our Time

On May 1st. they released one of the singles off the album, called New World. The song begins with horns and an uplifting beat. It immediately has you wanting to dance around. New World is one of my favorite tracks off the album, along with Be Proud.

Lyrics from their song, Be Proud
Photo by Jake Rothwell
Photo by Jake Rothwell

I had the opportunity to speak with the band members for a little Q & A.

When did Of Good Nature form? How did you meet?

We all grew up in Charlotte, except David, so we just kinda knew each other from being around music and shows over the years. We officially started in 2011, when it was me (Cam), Joey Vachon, and another friend Chris Andrews. We would jam and play local venues, and began to build a following. Brandon joined next, around 2012. Chris then left in 2013, and Jon took his place at bass. David was the last to join, in 2016, and Joey left after that. He will occasionally play with us on special shows, like the Sail Across the Sun (SATS) cruise, but this core four have been together since 2016.

How did you come up the name “Of Good Nature?”

We actually had a different name, “Just Add Water”, which is also the name of our very first album (2013), but felt we needed something better. We brainstormed together, just throwing words and phrases out, including “Good Nature” which we all liked, but then added the ‘of’ to complete the name.

How would you describe your creative process?

It’s a total collaboration process really, we’re all involved. We share a google drive of songs and various ideas and sounds we’re all working on. We’ll use voice notes and video clips while jamming, take those live demos and then use the computer to compose a structure and play around with it, then play those updates live during practices and continue to refine back and forth. We are always working on new music, even if we are about to put out another album, like now – looking at my white board in the studio, I have over a dozen songs that are in different stages of their evolution.

What can we expect from the new album, Everything Turns Gold, that released this Friday?

We are really excited for this album. It has such diversity with the sounds, taking us in new directions. There’s a warmth and happiness to it; it’s energizing, uplifting, positive, and of course fun. We always like to leave a mark, the wake in our path, of doing good. Also working with producers like Ted Bowne and Danny Kalb really pushed us to try different things, like on “You Were Just Here”, the first single produced by Ted, David recorded hitting pots, pans, a mason jar, and a baking sheet. Their subtle touches can sometimes go unnoticed, but when you listen closely you will hear all those “extras”. We explored lots of different styles, and even did a cover of the late Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day”.

When did you start learning how to play music?

Cam: It was always in my family, they listened to and played music so I had that influence. At age 13 I started picking up guitar, bass, and piano.

Jon: Bass was my first and only instrument, I picked it up nearly 20 years ago when my brother and some friends were starting a band and they needed a bass player, so I decided that was going to be me!

Brandon: I first started playing trombone at age 11

David: I started early, age 1! My family all plays music, so I grew up surrounded by it.

What was the first song you wrote called? Do you perform it at shows?

The very first song that I wrote which got recorded was “Everybody Wants to Know”, on the Just Add Water album. We have played some of those songs but it has been a while. Perhaps we’ll start bringing some of them back!

Where all have you performed and where is your favorite location(s) – city or venue?

Cam: For me it’s probably the SATS cruise, playing outside on the boat; also the Catalyst in Santa Cruz when we played with Matisyahu was really awesome.

David: My personal favorite is probably the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, and Levitt Pavilion in Denver.

Jon: Places that hold a special piece of my heart are Levitt Pavilion, Rockwood Music Hall, and any show in New Orleans is bound to be wild. The Fillmore in Charlotte is also great for always being a hometown rager. Red Rocks…you’re next!

How are you spending your spare time during quarantine?

Cam: I’ve been working on a lot of new music, learning editing software and processes. Trying to stay busy as much as I can and use the time for good.

David: I started working at Amazon in their warehouse. Spending time with family, working on new music and finishing the album.

Brandon: I’ve always been a mechanic working on cars and had a side job at a shop, so I picked up time to offset not being on the road.

Jon: Getting the new album out has been the biggest priority, worked on some new material too. A personal must of mine is staying on my workout regimen, I’ve been able to do some good ol’ manual labor outside which feels good. Spent a lot of time with my girlfriend and family which has been nice, but dang if I don’t miss playing live shows!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Cam: I’d say mine would be Hendrix for guitar, Bob Marley for some of his lyrics. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have also been a big influence for me.

Brandon: My biggest influences have been in blues, hip hop, New Orleans brass, funk. A lot of music of the south like southern rock, bluegrass, and folk. James Brown, Trombone Shorty, Jim Morrison, Ronnie Van Zandt.

David: Musically mine would be James Brown, Prince, and Michael Jackson.

Jon: My dad brought me up on classic rock and was a big influence on me, to this day he still gives me criticism when I need it, in musical and in life. Others would be Thundercat, Joe Dart, Michael League, Fearless Flyers, and Led Zeppelin.

Name one band or musician who you would love to open for?

Jon: I feel like I’ve found my dream band, I learn so much from these guys every time we’re together. If I had a time machine however, I’d go back and fill the bass chair for Led Zeppelin. A fantastic era of music and those songs are so damn fun to play.

David: I’d love to share the stage with Dave Matthews. I’ve been a big fan of his, and his drummer Carter Beauford. His shows are a lot of fun, and I just think it would be an incredible experience.

Any advice for a musician wanting to start or join a band?

Don’t do it during a pandemic! But seriously, it’s a lot of hard work and determination. You’re going to go through the downs before you see the ups, but don’t give up, keep improving. Reach out to other artists, get to know people, educate yourself. Surround yourself with good, smart people who are just as driven as you are.

What’s next for Of Good Nature?

With touring still on hold for a while longer, we’ll keep focusing on new music. More writing, recording, production. We are doing a livestream next week (details still TBA), which will be nice to have everyone together and jam, it’s been a while.

To stay up to date with upcoming tours, new album releases, and shows, check out their website and give them a follow on their Facebook & Instagram accounts.


Photo by Jake Rothwell