5 Ways to Support Local Musicians

As we all know, we are in the middle of a pandemic that is affecting thousands of people from all around the world. Many of those people are losing their jobs while trying to support themselves and their families.

This being something we’ve never experienced, although we must find other alternatives on how to do those things we love inside the comfort of our homes.

Unfortunely, local musicians had to postpone and cancel several shows. On the bright side, they found ways to still perform and continue music and there is several ways you can still support them during this time.

Here’s how you can support local musicians:

1. Share Live Streams

Most bands are now doing live streams through Facebook. Make sure to follow their posts and watch out for their live sessions. Don’t forget to share the love by sharing the stream!

2. Tip for Live Streams

Ask the band if they have Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle! If they are doing live streams, donate a few dollars if you can. Anything adds up and helps.

3. Purchase Band Merch

Visit their websites and buy yourself some merch. After all, who doesn’t like band merch? Plus your supporting them by showing it off.

4. Purchase Their Albums

Most albums are available on Apple Music or other platforms. Check out your favorite local artist and get some albums.

5. Stream on Spotify & Other Streaming Apps

Listen to their songs and follow them on different streaming platforms.

All of these things can help our local bands at this time.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming streams with the bands!