P-Funk North ~ More Than Meets the Eye

P-Funk North Art

Last year, I attended Bumpin Uglies very first music festival, Weekend at Wolfie’s. It was held in the rolling hills of Bedford, PA at Fort Royal Farm.

Being the first Wolfie’s, I must say that it was a huge success and the lineup was amazing.

After several great performances, P-Funk North had taken the stage. They rocked the stage and immediatley had the crowd moving to the rock/reggae mixed rythym of their music.

P-Funk North orginated from North Plainfield, NJ.

The band started with lead vocalist, David Sloyan. David has been playing music since childhood. Over the years, he began writing his own music and playing bass. He draws his inspriation from Sublime.

In 2015, David met Ryan Weil while touring to Chicago. Ryan formly played in a friends band. In 2016, he produced P-Funk North’s first album, becoming percussionist shortly after. He then became their drummer in 2018. Getting his inspriation from Stewart Copeland, Ryan is also does vocals.

Over the years of touring and creating music, David had met Kevin Nenichka. After knowing Kevin for a few years, in 2019, Kevin joined the guys, playing guitar and becoming another voice for P-Funk North. Kevin’s greatest inspriation comes from Jimi Hendrix.

It was not doubt that these three made the perfect trio. Over the past year, the guys have been touring all over.

Don’t Even Ask ~ Album Art

Last year, on July 12th, their album, Don’t Even Ask, had released. This album has to be one of my favorite P-Funk North albums. With their songs “Flow So Sick,” and “Crazy,” being my favorites.

Jukebox Live

Last month, the guys had announced their new live album, Jukebox Live, was being released. On February 11th, was released. I don’t know if anyone else agrees, but I defintely love the live versions of some songs.

I had the opportunity to talk to lead singer, Dave Solyan about the band and where they are headed next.

How did you come up with the name P-Funk North?

P-Funk North means North Plainfield, referencing our hometown and being George Clinton’s neighbor to the North.

Dave Sloyan, Lead Vocals

Has music always been something you all wanted to make a career of?

Ideally, yes. It’s like they say: ‘If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life”. To live comfortably gigging and recording would be the bee’s knees.

Dave Sloyan, Lead Vocals

Where do you see the band in about 5 years?

Naked & Afraid. hahaha hopefully still doing what we love to do; playing, recording, touring, and sharing epic experiences with new and old friends alike.

Dave Sloyan, Lead Vocals

After performing with bands such as Bumpin Uglies & at Wolfie’s, are you wanting to have your own festival in the near future?

Maybe not the near future, but somewhere down the road. We’re working on playing more festivals next year; but the idea of having all our friends, family, and fans enjoying our own festival would be, you guessed it, the bee’s knees

Dave Sloyan, Lead Vocals

What is your favorite thing about creating music?

The reactions we get from enthusiastic crowds, to escape from reality. It’s an awesome outlet to express and explore artistic ability and creativity.

Dave Sloyan, Lead Vocals

The guys continue their music journey and have alot of shows coming out. Stay up to date by following P-Funk North on Facebook!