Confessions of a Bipolar 30 Something ~ Chapter 2

Well it’s been another hour and half of pacing the floors so damn much that I am making a trail of dirty footprints in the tile.

I never brought myself to do the few dishes that were in the sink, but I did manage to reset the clock on the coffee pot and then for whatever reason, I decided to turn every single light in the house on, only to realize that all of that light was a bit too overwhelming and made me feel extremely exposed, despite the fact that no one else is actually even here. I swear to God, it’s days like this I feel like I’m going to lose my stinkin’ mind.

So I went back, making sure to flip each one off in the exact order that I had been pacing through the house turning them on, from the backdoor, through the living room, into my bedroom, down the hall to the dining room, turn around at the kitchen sink and back.

Did I have something in the microwave?