Joint Op ~ The Cleveland Takeover

Joint Operation • Beachland Tavern 2019

Last night, Joint Operation found themselves in Cleveland, OH once again. Bringing family and friends from all over to celebrate the one year anniversary of the guys rocking the streets of Cleveland.

With their funky rock-reggae style genre, the guys rocked the walls of the Beachland Tavern. Family swaying the the sweet reggae music we all love. The energy and vibes were indescribable and surreal.

I began listening to the guys in May of this year and the growth that these young men have accomplished, is incredible. From having their 2 singles, to a full album that everyone can’t stop listening to.

I am happy to be friends with them and have the opportunity to watch them accomplish everything they have ever dreamed of.

Joint Operation is going to make it big and this is just the beginning of something new!

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you to check them out. These young men will leave you speechless.