Freakstomp 2019

Tropidelic, a six piece band orginating from Cleveland, OH, began to prepare for their 3rd Freakstomp Music Festival, which was held at Clear Fork Adventure Resort in Butler, OH this past weekend.

This was my first Freakstomp and one of the greatest experiences of my life. My fiancé had bought us VIP tickets back in February. For months, all I could this about is how this is going to be the greatest festival yet.

Bands such as Bumpin Uglies, Joint Operation, Ancient Elephant, The Quasi Kings, Little Stranger, and so many more would be playing along side Tropidelic this year.

Thursday after work, we loaded up the car and were on the road. With a couple hour drive ahead of us, the anticipation of arrival was killing us. After arriving, we sat in line for about an hour before we were officially reunited with our festival family!!

Thursday night was spent with the friends whom we now call family. Cooking on the grill, playing yard games, and sharing laughs. Things like this is what makes everything worth it. Knowing at the end of the day, the bond between this family is like no other.

Friday morning started off with a competitive game of wiffle ball with Pags from Tropidelic. It was full of strikes, homeruns, and laughs that will always be remembered.

Wiffle Ball with Pags

Friday afternoon, the festival family came together for a Potluck dinner. This included some home cooked dishes, some drinks, laughs, and great friends. It’s an incredible feeling when you meet someone at a music festival and instantly find your connection.

Potluck with the Festival Family~ Photo by Shawn LaCx

Throughout the day, there were some amazing performances by Rockstead, Aaron Kamm, Shrub, Bumpin Uglies, Little Stranger, and last but not least, Tropidelic. After Tropidelic’s performance that night, The Ries Brothers put on an acoustic set in the VIP lodge. Shortly after, many of us found ourselves around the family fire, where we all spent time talking, sharing laughs, and enjoying the acoustic sets performed by the Joint Operation’s guys and other musicisans.

Saturday morning started with Recover and Restore Yoga Flow with Coach Myers and Roads. Yoga being a great way to connect with your inner self while mastering the effectiveness of being calm. Although I missed it, I heard several great things about it.

Shortly after the refreshing morning yoga, around 11:45 AM was The Riffs & Solos of Tropidelic with Bobby Chronic. During this session, Bobby played some guitar while answering the crowds questions.

Bobby Chronic ~ Tropidelic
Tropidelic’s VIP Acoustic Session

After Bobby’s performance, the VIP lodge began to fill as Blind Joel Wallace performed his VIP Acoustic Session quickly followed up by Tropidelic’s acoustic set. What nobody knew was, Freakstomp was in for a surprise!

My good friend, Shealyn, known for Bullshit Blvd. was in accident several weeks ago. After breaking both her femurs, undergoing surgery, and weeks of PT, she surprised the festival family with her beautiful smile and appearance!! Shea texted me telling me upon her arrival which was during Tropidelic’s acoustic set in the VIP lodge. Shea’s dad, began to roll her up to the lodge as Trop began performing their song “Impossible.” Creating the most tearful and heartfelt moment of Freakstomp. It was such a beautiful moment. Especially because the lyrics relate so much to Shea’s progress over the past several weeks. After the guys were done performing, Roads came up to give her a hug. It’s moments like this that makes the festivals much more special. Knowing that their love is just as strong as the love we have for them. After Shea spent a few hours making her rounds to seeing her loved ones and enjoying some music, she was on her way back home. Shea making the festival, even after all she has been through, just shows how strong she is, which is just one of the reasons why I love her.

This woman is a warrior!
“It’s not impossible. Nothings impossible.”

Ancient Elephant took the stage around 2:30 PM. After seeing these guys open for Trop at The Outpost in Kent back in February, I became a huge fan. Their music is seriously incredible and the guys are absolutely fun to talk to. I am looking forward to future shows because their music speaks to me and gives me the euphoric energy I feel when seeing all the guys live.

Acoustic set with B Hard

Brandon Hardesty, of Bumpin Uglies, gave quite a few acoustic sets over the weekend as he brought Uglies Nation together to surround him for these beautiful and personable sets.

Justin Roberts, a local painter who travels along side Trop, created some beautiful paintings during some of the sets. It’s incredible to see how he finishes the paintings before a set is finished. There were so many talented artists attending Freakstomp, Justin, being one of them.

Joint Operation took the stage shortly after Ancient Elephant. Being my second time seeing these guys, I knew from the start, it was one of the performaces I was NOT going to miss. A couple weeks ago, the guys came out with their new album “Scuffed,” and seeing them perform it live was EPIC. Josh Lewis, Lead Vocals and Guitar and I have talked quite a bit and words can not explain how proud and happy I am of these guys. The whole album is incredible and their set left me speechless.

Zach Fowler, of Sun Dried Vibes took the stage shortly after. The last and only time I got to see SDV was back at Spring Badfish 2018. After releasing their new album, “Stay Hopeful” last year, they announced they were going on a haitus. Zach is now back as The Prophet of Positivity in hopes of the continous spreading of positive vibes. The one and only, Bubba Love, joined him on stage to perform “Young One,” being one of my favorite songs.

After Zach’s beautiful set, Mike Pinto, The Quasi Kings, Too Many Zoos, and Jon Wayne & The Pain all put on great performances!! It amazes me how much talent there is at these festivals. From musisicans, artists, hoopers, fire spinners, and so much more. Watching them perform, makes these festivals so much more of a personable and great expierence.

The VIP experience was something I will always cherish, forever. Listening to all the VIP sets, from The Ries Brothers, Blind Joel Wallace, Trop, Brandon Hardesty, and Toby.

During Brandon’s set, Joey Harkum and his friend, Keith Harkin arrived at Freakstomp, after they had their own show in Columbus. Joey Harkum performed his new song, Burn It Down, which had me feeling all sorts of emotion. The fact that the song just released that morning and having the opportunity to hear it live that day, had me tearing up.

Acoustic VIP set with Brandon Hardesty

This fesitval was the most amazing and memeorable experience of my life. Between the VIP expereince, meeting other fellow Tropi-holics and Uglies Nation family, the personable experience with the band members, and the endless memories. Freakstomp was by far, my favorite festival!!!

A special thanks to Tropidelic, Jim Garibaldi, Fraimework Productions, The Kaya, Dankhouse Brewing Company, all the bands, and all those involved in making this festival that will always be remembered!!

Freakstomp ~ Tropidelic