Braving Babylon

Dub-321’s New EP, Braving Babylon

Dub-321 made it’s resurface in 2018. Coming back with a hot new LP. Dub-321 is a 3 piece band forming in 2007. After struggling with some set backs, their come back is stronger than ever.

On July 9th, their new LP, Braving Babylon, hit the charts. When I began listening to the album, I instantly thought of Sublime with a dash of Bob Marley. Their sound being similar to most reggae, yet different, making it their own.

The first song on the album, Get This Right, instantly had me hooked. So lyrically catching that I began singing along. One of my favorites from the album is called “All You Need”.

It’s not a surprise that Reggae is one of my favorite music genres and discovering these guys just made music even better. One things for sure, I am looking forward to seeing these guys live and performing Braving Babylon.

I had the opportunity to speak with Miles Galli from Dub-321 about the band.

How & when did Dub-321 form?

We formed originally in about 2007. We were active for about 3 years and then I had a surgery, got addicted to abusing opiates, and served 4 years in prison. I was released Feb 28, 2018 and started the group again with a new backing band.

Miles Galli, Dub-321

Has music always been something you all wanted to make a career of?

I can only speak for myself, but yes it has always been something I’ve gravitated towards since I was about 5-6 years old. I got my first guitar when I was 13.

Miles Galli, Dub-321

Where do you see the band in about 5 years?

I’d like to see us release at least a couple more successful albums, be touring national, and included in some big festival lineups!

Miles Galli, Dub-321

What is your favorite thing about creating music?

My favorite thing about creating music is the release and spiritual peace of mind that it brings me.

Miles Galli, Dub-321

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration… That’s a tough one. Probably anyone who has pulled themselves out of a living hell and made a success story out of it. Those are my heroes

Miles Galli, Dub-321

Band Consists of
Miles – Guitar, Keys, Bass and Vocals
Evan – Bass and Guitar
Kevin – Drums and Percussion