The Road of Joint Operation

Joint Operation

Forming in Baltimore, Maryland, Joint Operation is a four man band who blows the funk/rock genre out of the water. These four lifelong friends began performing together back in 2016.

After years of performing with bands such as Tropidelic and Bumpin Uglies, these young men have created quite the fan base for themselves.

About a year ago, I received a friend’s request on Facebook from Josh Lewis, Vocals/Guitar. At that time, I never heard of Joint Operation although I accepted his request and decided to check them out. After listening to “Diner Dub” and “Pink Velvet”, their two singles that were out, I knew that I was going to become a huge fan of their music.

At the end of March, the boys once again, had me in awe. Their song, “The Road” was released and I instantly fell in love. It had me patiently waiting to see them live at Bumpin Uglies festival, Weekend at Wolfie’s, that took place in June in the rolling hills of Bedford, PA.

Before we knew it, we were standing in the crowd at Wolfie’s waiting for Joint Operation to take the stage. A few hours before the guys went on, I had the opportunity to meet Jacob, JO’s bassist and Aaron, their Merch guy. My friend, Ed Bell, owner of Reggaevibeslifestyle and one of the bands managers, introduced us. Ed and Jessica Bell manage Joint Operation through Reggaevibeslifestyle and do a great job while juggling their daily lives.

Ed & Jessica Bell, Owners of Reggaevibeslifestyle throwing Merch into the crowd

During Tropidelic’s set, I was backstage photographing the band, when I ran into Josh. Although we have been friends on Facebook for over year, this was my first time meeting him in person. I introduced myself and he gave me a hug while expressing how happy he was to finally meet me.

Later on after Joint Operation’s set, my fiancé and I went up to Josh, as he stood in the crowd listening to the music. We had a conversation about finally meeting and how much we enjoyed their set. I am so happy that I finally had that opporunity to meet Josh and a few of the other guys but most imporantly, to see the guys in action. They were incredible!

After three long years of dedication, writing, and touring, Joint Operation had released some exciting news! Their first album, Scuffed, is being released on July 27th. You can Pre-Order starting this Friday, July 19th. You definitely want to get your copy pre-ordered because I promise you, this album is going to be amazing!

Joint Operations First Album “Scruffed” ~ Artwork by Thomas Greene

Pre-save to your Spotify accont by clicking the link below:

I have spoke with Josh and Ed quite a bit about the new album. I had the opportunity to listen to some of them album. After listening to a few tracks that are going to be released in just a couple weeks, I was left speechless and if anyone knows me, that doesn’t happen often considering I am a very talkative individual.

Scuffed is just the beginning of what’s in store for Joint Operation. The guys are going places and I am looking forward to watching their future successes.

Have you ever listened to a song and instantly experience frisson (aesthetic chills)?!? Well, that was with me with their new single called E Jam!! With the mix of funk tunes and Josh’s strong vocals, I instantly thought of Weezer and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Josh’s strong vocals and the band being so in tune incredible. I honestly do not have the words for how amazing the new Scruffed album is going to be. Everyone is in for a treat, that’s for sure and the album release party is about to be epic.

Returning to their stomping grounds, Joint Operation is having their first album release party on July 27th at The 8×10 in Baltimore, Maryland. Not only will this be a major life changing event for the guys but us fans as well. Tropidelic, Foggy May, and The Harbor Boys will all be joining the guys for this huge accomplishment.

Joint Operation’s First Album Release Party

I had a chance to talk with Joint Operations Lead Singer, Josh Lewis, about the band and their future.

How and when did Joint Operation form?

JO started officially about 3 years ago. It was originally a death metal band and I was a rhythm guitarist. The lead singer quit and I took over singing for a bit until we could find a new singer, and we just played punk rock instead which then slowly transformed to the weird mix of music we play now.

Josh Lewis, Joint Operation

Has music always been something you all wanted to make a career of?

For sure! Since the first open mic I ever played, I knew I wanted to play music for a living and I’d be willing to sacrifice everything to make it happen.

Josh Lewis, Joint Operation

Where do you see the band in about 5 years?

I would hope we would all be comfortably living off music. Touring as much as possible and releasing music as much as possible.

Josh Lewis, Joint Operation

After performing with bands such as Bumpin Uglies & Tropidelic, are you wanting to have your own festival in the near future?

That would be so cool! We are super far out from doing something like that but DIY till I die. I’d love to eventually.

Josh Lewis, Joint Operation

What is your favorite thing about creating music?

My favorite thing about creating music is being able to be super open about my thoughts and feelings with lyrics. I’m a shy and awkward dude to talk to but over the mic with a guitar in my hand, I feel a lot more comfortable.

Josh Lewis, Joint Operation

Who is your greatest inspiration?

Kurt Cobain hands down. That’s probably shocking haha.

Josh Lewis, Joint Operation

What are you most excited about for your album release show on July 27th?!?

I’m excited to just finally have a goddamn album out! It’s long overdue!

Josh Lewis, Joint Operation

Band Members Consist Of:
Josh Lewis: Vocals/Guitar
Ben O’Brien: Lead Guitar
Jacob Nadeau: Bass
Fabrizio Scotto: Vocals/Drums