~ 14 Days of Gratitude ~

Welcome to the Sounds of Self, 14 Days of Gratitude, challenge. The 14 Days of Gratitude is suppose to help you with goal planning, motivation, and help you understand there is many things to be grateful for.

Here is how this challenge works. Attached is a pdf file for you to download or print. You could even make your own if you wanted. There are 14 rows, for each of the days of the gratitude challenge. The columns are labeled as follows:

  • 5 Things You Are Grateful For
  • 5 Long-Term Goals
  • 5 Things You Can Do TODAY To Reach Those Goals\

Every morning when you wake up, take 10-15 minutes for yourself. Drink some coffee, eat some breakfast, whatever it is you do in the mornings. Fill out one row a day. After you complete your 14 day challenge, be sure to post it on your Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag:


If you do not want to post it online, you can send me a copy of your challenge through via email or Facebook or keep it to yourself. After your 14 days are up, I guarantee that you will look at things differently and notice a change in your mindset, attitude, and life.

If you have any questions regarding the Sounds of Self, 14 Days of Gratitude, please be sure to contact me. I am looking forward to assisting you in your life changing journey!