I’m a Tropi-holic!

Have you ever listened to music and immediately felt the euphoric energy that was released? That is exactly what happened when I began listening to Tropidelic.

Tropidelic is a 6 person band, originating from Cleveland, OH, developing their unique sound between Reggae, Funk, Hip-Hop and Rock. The band members, Roads, Bobby, James, Derek, Pags, and Rex came together, forming the Tropidelic family! We are the Tropi-holics!

One of the greatest opportunities was getting to watch these men perform at Spring Badfish. As some of you may know, Spring Badfish 2018 was my fiancé and I’s first festival. Our first time at The Ledges and our first time listening to the greatest music that we have ever heard. When Tropidelic performed their song, “Highs and Lows,” which the music video was originally filmed at The Ledges, my heart was was full. The energy was surreal and the crowd began to move to the rhythm while singing along with the band. The lyrics so powerful, that they ran deep through my soul.

Tropidelic’s lyrics not only speak to me, but thousands of others. They are one of the bands who are leading the positive movement. Although Tropidelic is not just a band, they are a family. Their love for us, is as strong as ours is for them. They always make sure they interact with us before hitting the stage. It’s an experience of transcendence. Tropidelic has changed my life within a years time. The soulful lyrics has changed my life and I am forever grateful for Tropidelic.

The Tropidelic fan base is phenonmenal. Between Facebook, Instragram and other forms of social meda, Tropidelic has evolved. Tropidelic’s Facebook page has a little over 47,000 followers not including their fan group, Tropi-holics. Created in November of 2014, now consists over 7,500 Tropiholics who all share one thing in common. Our LOVE for Tropidelic.

Jessica Shvarts, an admin of the group states “With social media, ease, and cost of travel, the interwebs as a whole… it’s so easy to connect with people and things (and bands) outside your locality. It’s cool that people have found a common space in these fam groups with like minded individuals, making the world an even more connected place on another level.”

Tropidelic leads their own music festival and it’s a festival you won’t want to miss. This year being the 3rd Annual Freakstomp Festival, it will be taking place in Butler, OH, August 9th-11th. Other musicians such as Too Many Zooz, Bumpin Uglies, Mike Pinto, Jon Wayne & The Pain, Shrub, Aaron Kamm & The One Drops, Little Stanger, The Quasi Kings, Zach Fowler (of Sun-Dried Vibes), Vana Liya, Zoo Trippin, Bubba Love, Rockstead, and Ancient Elephant will all be hitting the stage putting on great shows.

With 5 great albums already released, they have announced their 6th album, Here In The Heights that will be released on June 7th. Their singles, Icarus and Bad One being two of the hits already. Available for pre-order now. You don’t want to miss out.

As you can all see, just from this blog post, my love for Tropidelic, the guys, and the Tropi-holic family. I highly recommend everyone to check out the guys and at least attend one show or festival. The energy released from the guys on stage, will change your life and you will fall in love too.

Image Created by Tony Shaw
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~ Tropidelic ~ The Rex, Pittsburgh ~
Tropidelic’s single, Icarus, from Here In The Heights album being released on June 7th