Happy Badfish!

I am sure you are probably wondering what Badfish is. Well, I am sure most of you have heard of the Ska Punk/Reagge Rock band, Sublime, that formed in 1988. They are well known for their huge hits “Santeria” and “What I Got”. After the tragic loss of lead singer, Bradley Nowell, so many bands were highly influenced by the SKA Punk/Reggae rock sound, developing their own bands that fit into the genre.

Badfish is a Sublime Tribute band, that formed in 2001. Replicating Sublimes unique sound, Badfish performs not only some of Sublimes top hits, but their own music as well. Badfish has become well known over their years of performing, landing them their own music festivals: Spring Badfish and Fall Badfish. Both festivals are normally held at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville, Ohio.

Last year, a couple of friends asked my fiancé and I, if we would like to attend Spring Badfish. Not knowing what to expect, we did some research on the bands that were going to be performing and The Ledges. After reading what Badfish was all about, we decided it would be fun, so we bought our tickets. A couple months later, we were loading up the car, and we were on our way.

Once arriving, we had to choose a spot to set up camp. Being the first time for all of us, we decided to camp in a place known as “The Meadows.” We set up our camp site. After finishing we sat down to relax, while more people arrived to set up their camps to join the festivities.

We did a good bit of exploring, checking out everyone’s campsites to get a feel on our surroundings. After walking for a bit, we reached the quarry. The view was astonishing and the sounds of nature that surrounded us, made my soul feel peaceful.

After enjoying the view at the Quarry, we did some more exploring reaching the stage where the bands perform, vendors set up, and everyone can hang out.

Throughout the weekend, bands such as Kash’d Out, Sun-Dried Vibes, Bumpin Uglies, Tropidelic, Badfish, and several others took the stage, putting on great performances. When the bands performed, the positive messages of the lyrics, created the most powerful energy I have ever felt.

After the bands each did their performances, they hung out at their merch tables, giving us the opportunity to meet and speak to them. Getting to meet the bands whom performed in front of us, was an amazing experience. The guys were very nice and involved with their fans.

Spending time at Badfish was a memorable experience and we met some amazing people. Some people, we now call family. Now, we prepare ourselves for our second Spring Badfish festival, that takes place in a few weeks!! We can’t wait!!!

~ Nelson Ledges ~ The Quarry ~
Bad Fish – Sublime